Shrets collaborate with Kaitlyn Chandler in the Drag King troupe the Fuckbois. Fuckbois pick pressing contemporary topics like gentrification, polyamory, and commodification, and splice together audio and video from the early 2000s, reality TV, podcasts, and movies to create playful and salient commentary.

Performances to date have included:

Mommy Issues (December 2018)

Collaborating with burlesque diva Daisy Desnuda, the Fuckbois explore jealousy, yearning, and the holiday spirit (not to mention the oedipal) when they see Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

No Homo (February 2019)

Two fuckbois (and straight BFFs, duh bruh) are threatened when a new form of masculinity blasts them from 2009 to 2019. A softboi just hit town, and everyone’s feeling educated and respected and… well, turned on by him. No homo, but have you listened to Dan Savage talk about polyamory yet? Amazing what a little learning can do for you.

NO HOMO was a Fuckbois collaboration exploring polyamory, male homosocialism, and masculinity which uses virtue signaling as a seduction technique. Performance included video projections and interaction with audience/immersion. The premiere occurance of Bloom Wave Cabaret at Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, NY.

Why Work Through Your Feelings When You Could Just Sell Them? (March 2019)

The friendzone blows, dude. A softboy, a keycap nerd, and a sk8r boi all feel unlucky in love, until one of them suggests that they start a boy band to heal their wounds and make millions off their insecurities.

A Fuckbois collaboration investigating boy bands, emotional labor, avoidance of personal self work, and toxic male perceptions of breakups. Performance included video projections. Bloom Wave Cabaret, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn NY.

Mask4Mask: Fear City (November 2019)

When Gym Rat and Pigeon met on Dumpstr, they both came with garbage (uhh, baggage?) surrounding their notions of gay masculinity. When Rat’s toxicity lead his eye to a new, flashy, cortado-drinking real estate gay, NYC Fairy, the city threatens to be sold out from under their cold, dead claws. Their only hope is to make amends and come back with a vengeance to take back Fear City. 

A Fuckbois collaboration exploring gay male complicity with NYC’s gentrification at Bloom Wave Cabaret’s Brooklyn Starr Bar fundraiser for low-income, disabled New Yorkers in need of housing. The performance included creation of masks for rat and pigeon characters and video projection.